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Consolid 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer is a Semi-viscous liquid formed by the mixture of monomers and polymers with accelerating catalysts of penetration, which breaks up the adhering water film surrounding the soil particles and leads to an irreversible agglomeration of fines, and this allows the natural binding power of the soil fines to be enhanced and results in an irreversible agglomeration of the fines by exchange of the electrochemical loading on the soil particles. Soil surface which causes a limited hydrophobic reaction due to pole reversal on the particle surface and a general reduction in the sensitivity of the treated soil against capillarity or water absorption. Since this process occurs on the physico-chemical boundary, the stabilisation effect can be achieved by using the same dosage rate of the chemical for the majority of the soil types.

CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer having the property to lower water absorption through reducing the capillary activity, reduce permeability, lowers OMC and increases density of treated ground. Such properties reduces swelling and shrinking behavior. 1,2 – 1,5 litres of CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer is applied to 1 m3 ground by weight. Consolid 444 is supplied in 200 liter drums.

In comparison with untreated ground, CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer has the following characteristics:

  • Better compactibility through changing the water characteristic in the ground
  • Strong reduction of water absorption through reducing the capillary activity
  • Reduced water permeability
  • The Proctor Optimum of treated ground is lower and the density is higher
  • Strong reduction of water sensibility
  • Strong reduced swelling and shrinking behaviour
  • Fatigue crack reduction
  • Induced crack reduction
  • Shrinkage crack reduction
  • Water proofing
  • Increase compressive strength
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Increased resilient modulus
  • Reduced pavement thickness