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The CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY for permanent ground stabilisation is always affected by two products, which are used together. It is  and   CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer is liquid components and SOLIDRY Nano Ground Stabilizer is a solid (powder) like component. The two components are mixed with the ground. Afterwards the ground is completely compacted. The CONSOLID TECHNOLOGY can be used by almost every kind of ground types.

The CONSOLID Nano Ground Consolidation Technology is a total technology, not only compaction aid or something else. It allows to change the behaviour of the treated ground completely. Water is the most effective enemy of stability; CONSOLID Nano Ground Consolidation Technology fights against the capillary rise of water and agglomerated the fines irreversible.

Consolid is a catalyst and it does not act chemically with the soil medium, rather on the surface chemistry of the soil particles thereby enhancing its own ability to adhere. It is for this reason that it is called a catalytic stabilizer.