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Ground treatment with binders (ground improvement and ground stabilization) comprises a range of proven construction methods which, from the mid-1950s, gained increasing economic importance in earth­works.

The Ground consolidation, in the broadest sense it is the alteration of any inherent property of a ground to improve its engineering performance. Improvement of stability or bearing power, density, shear parameter, reduce compressibility, permeability, swelling and shrinkage property by the use of controlled compaction, proportioning and/ or the addition of suitable admixtures or stabilizers.

The continued development in earthworks entailing very short construction times, higher loads (heavy- vehicle traffic, rapid-transit railway technologies etc.)

These developments require building in poor weather conditions using the native grounds, or the environmentally compatible use of grounds, aggre­gates and recycled construction materials.

Ground treatment offers just the right solutions and ideal economic conditions to meet these chal­lenges.

The ground-binder mixtures lead to a permanent increase in bearing capacity (even in the event of water ingress), significantly improve shear strength and considerably reduce settlement behavior. These properties enable them to be used in many areas of earthworks and road construction.