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It is my distinct honor and pleasure, on my personal behalf and on our staff, to extend my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations to all of our successful team and partners worldwide for our unique and successful activities of our organization of the CONSOLID GROUP FAMILY.

We are very greatful and thankful to the Presidium of the International Environmental and Golden Chariot Transport Award Team for that their precious organization nominate our company “CONSOLID GR0UP” located in Berlin / Deutschland and Antalya Free Trade Zone / Turkey for our patented innovative projects “CEOMAX NEW GENERATION ENERGY SAVING DEVICE” and     “CONSOLID NANO GROUND

CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY” to be the winner of the prestigious international award “Project of the Year”.

It is my distinct honor and pleasure, on my personal behalf and on our staff and on behalf of the citizens of the Bundes Republic of Deutschland and Republic of Turkey, to extend my most sincere and heartfelt feelings greetings to all of the precious persons related with our unique technology.

As a professor doctor of business administration and strategical management and a highly experienced businessman over production and overseas trading and as an inventor of many innovations and patent owner, I would like personally to promote the development of commercial, economic, cultural, scientific, international sport and tourism relations of Germany and Turkey and provide assistance and support to citizens of all nations, legal entities and organizations for implementing use of high technologies and finding cooperation partners for investment projects in all over the world.

Sharing my convictions as a man of duty, this will be another challenge beyond my professional activities and my desire to put my inventions, to contribute to the harmonious development and well-being of its population through cooperation in all over the world.

We have started with the slogan “INNOVATIONS FOR THE BEST FUTURE” which is wide renewed focus on innovations “For CONSOLID GROUP, innovation is a journey. “We don’t have all the answers or even all the questions, but we’re committed to innovation, new ways of thinking and new pathways to growth, solutions for important problems and value creation.”


started the innovation journey in the year 1973. I had worked with him like 12 years and after honorable president and father has been passed away suddenly, I had continue our scientific research about our unique technology and developed our unique products SOLIDRY Solid Ground Stabilizator and CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizator to be used more efficiently for all kind of infrastructure projects. I have made my patent application in the year 2012 and our products SOLIDRY Nano Ground Stabilizator and CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizator are registered under the patents in 2014.

We are very grateful that many countries is using “UNIQUE CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY” in their Road, Highway and Railway, Port, Airport, Nuclear Power Plant Construction Projects and would like to introduce to you our international company which works from its main base of operation in Germany & Turkey in advance.


CONSOLID, CONSOLID 444 AND SOLIDRY. We are motivated to do things better, to innovate, to provide simple solutions to a global challenge and will continue to our projects with the slogan “CONSOLIDATED FOUNDATIONS FOR THE BEST FUTURE”

Our company is manufacturing our worldwide patented SOLIDRY Ground Stabilizer and CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer in its 3 factories located in the Port Antalya / Turkey Antalya Free Trade Zone and Antalya Industrial area with a 28500 m2 closed area and 60000 m2 open area; under the daily capacity of 700 tons of SOLIDRY Nano Ground Stabilizer and 100 tons of CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer. Additional to be a producer of its unique innovative products, CONSOLID GROUP IS ONE OF THE LEADING CONTRACTORS WORKING ON INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS SUCH AS ROADS, HIGH WAYS, RAILWAYS, AIRPORTS, PORTS AND ETC.

CONSOLID GROUP is a highly regarded business partner by international enterprises, for its vast experience, engineering know-how, successfully on time delivered projects to date, business ethics, and its world standard performance, as well as its strong emphasis on HSE as a responsible entrepreneur with its direct 150 professional staff which is conformed by a multidisciplinary team made by engineers and graduates highly qualified for the development of the different business areas including professors and engineers and indirect more than 700 staff.

We have local partners worldwide. They are adding value to our business in terms of sharing contracting and distributing our products. Especially our partners in the USA has the role to get into the markets all in the America Continent. And our partner in Australia has the role to get into the markets all in the Austral ia Continent. Our partner in Spain has the role to get into the markets in the Spanish speaking countries. Of course we have main authorized country distributors as well.

CONSOLID GROUP actively contributes to develop infrastructure projects and other related project for the sake of best benefits for customers, society and nation. We believe that our innovative unique products play important role in economy development of countries which are using our high and stable quality products. In parallel with our business activities, we always pay special attentions to corporate social care, including an environmental protection, education development, and contribution to social infrastructure construction. We continue to innovate and develop solutions that deliver higher quality infrastructure projects that are more environmentally friendly, are longer lasting, and are quicker and cheaper than conventional infrastructure.

Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology is used since 1973 up to 2016 in more than 50 countries all over the world and more than 30000 kms of road and many earthwork projects has been built in America, Africa, Asia, Middle East Countries, Europe and Russia by the Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology.

Of course we know that countries have many projects, which they will be able to use our unique Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology with the advantages of technical and economic benefits beyond the application fields of dams, ports, airports, railways, highways, every kind of roads, re-creation areas, petroleum projects etc..

Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology is used in some huge projects successfully in Germany, Switzerland, China, Angola, Netherlands, Ghana, Mexico, Russian Federation, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, EU Countries, UK and the USA with the characteristics of different climatic conditions. And we are getting into some huge projects of Airport Runway and taxi ways, road construction and highway construction, in the USA, PNG, Australia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Brazil, El Salvador, Panama, Congo, Canada, Mexico, Endonesia, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Burkino Faso, South Africa, Cameroon, Abu Dhabi, Kuveyt, Qatar, Senegal, Nijer, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Colombia, England which we are expecting in coming five years nearly 500 million US$ export potencial.

Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology will give the ability to accelerate your region’s accession by enabling your region to achieve a high level of pavement construction in the field of transportation and compliance with in the Developed Countries directives concerning pavement design. Furthermore, it will develop a new type of pavement construction method, which is different from the conventional pavement construction methods.

Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology is a high tech ground stabilization technology that differs

from the traditional methods as it makes compaction totally irreversible. CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY is universal technology which is improving and stabilizing the situ grounds for each kind of earthwork and highway engineering for permitting with maximum effect to build roads, artificial ponds, lakes and landfills.

The Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology speeds up the natural process of solidification of all kinds of cohesive ground. It improves and consolidates the ground. A ground, once treated remains treated for permanent and will keep the advantages of the upgrade without timely limitation. A treatment of grounds with additives products of the Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology allows to upgrade any kind of ground to risk free construction material.

A ground loses its bearing strength by taking up water. Therefore, any diminution of such water absorption will yield increased bearing capacities. The CBR value (California Bearing Ratio) taken as an indicator for the bearing capacity of a ground, a CBR value of 10–30 times that of an untreated ground can be expected by the CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY treatment.

The CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY stabilization products transform end of life, out of spec roads and pavements into safe, durable infrastructure, in a cost-effective manner. CONSOLID is a quick way to speed up the hardening "process" of treated grounds towards petrifaction.

For 43 years, research and development in labs as well as the in-situ experiences, have made possible to find effective solutions with spectacular results both on the stabilization ratio and the durability of the treatment which seems to be guaranteed for over 100 years...

In comparison with untreated ground, CONSOLID Ground Stabilizer has the following characteristics:

  • Better compactibility through changing the water characteristic in the ground
  • Strong reduction of water absorption through reducing the capillary activity
  • Reduced water permeability up to none
  • The Proctor Optimum of treated ground is lower and the density is higher
  • Strong reduction of water sensibility
  • Strong reduced swelling and shrinking behavior
  • Fatigue crack reduction
  • Induced crack reduction
  • Shrinkage crack reduction
  • Water proofing
  • Increase compressive strength more than 10 times
  • Increased tensile strength more than 10 times
  • Increased resilient modulus
  • Reduced pavement thickness
  • Time saving
  • No need any maintenance

Our main objectives are, in terms of financially increasing revenue, increasing profit margins and in terms of technically improving our innovative production range and as a result moving in the direction of long-term success. For this purpose we are planning to open a factory in Florida State of the USA, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and in Germany almost in 2 years time.

We are ready to be your strategic Partner and Collaborate with you for your unique projects.

We will be appreciated to welcome your delegation as our honor guests, at the earliest suitable time of you in Antalya, Turkey and in Berlin, Germany in order to negotiate the technical aspects about the technology and our mutual business strategical planning model and see our production facilities.


Respectfully Yours,


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